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  • Active Log

  • Active Log application with intuitive user interface is a tool for getting real-time output from web application or Flash media.

  • is a free service that allows users to upload applications, ringtones, and images to their mobile phones.
  • About VATech Systems
  • VATech Systems has long believed that thoughtful iteration is the best way to build useful products for our users. As part of that process, we are always looking for ways to better focus ourselves on the products that can have the most impact.

    VATech Systems creates software that enables people to take control of their work and be more productive. Our visual message logging and analyzing technology made its successful debut in 2007. With Active Log is possible to add logging support to any enterprise level Web site in minutes. Active Log is a client side tool and does not influence web server performance. Since July 2009, ActiveLog project is available under an open source GNU General Public License v3

    VATech Systems is focusing on providing services. Cryobios is a free uploading service that is aimed at improving file management, storage and access for mobile devices. This service provides users an easy solution for uploading files to their device without the need of cables. We plan on improving this uploading service to better meet the needs of our users and also plan to move into development of Java based mobile applications for phones such as the Samsung Instinct.

  • Featured Content
  • Active Log Description
    ActiveLog is the visual event tracking (logging) and analizing application that is a perfect tool for Web developers for tracking XML, HTML and text files...

    Java Applet Logging
    Java Applets tracing and logging using Active Log.

    Adobe Flash Logging with Active Log
    This is a step-by-step article that will guide you through the entire process of using VATech System's Active Log to log messages from Flash movie during runtime.

  • News & events
  • 13/04/2011  -  No more relying on Newspaper Classified as the latest Android application “Sneak Jobs” is bound to become a sure shot winner with the masses

    22/07/2009  -  ActiveLog is now available as open source

    04/09/2007  -  Active Log is a new product just released by VATech Systems. Built for logging data messages, Active Log is simple to install and plug into client side scripting engine. It could be used by Action Script.